TULSA DECO, & Historic Photos & Ephemera
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Above: Tulsa Skyline viewed from and industrial area on the west side, looking east 1950 

Above: Tulsa, Boston Avenue looking North from 13th St, June 1950.

Above: While Tulsa is well known for its 1920's Zig Zag Art Deco buildings, it also had a lot of the later Streamline Modern, Art Deco buildings as well! 

Above: Photo of the Palace Day & Night Cleaners. 

Above: First half of an Art Deco styled, Fold-out, Tulsa Brochure, circa 1930

Above: Closeup section of  1930's Tulsa Brochure

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Above: One of our favorite Jazz Age photos featuring two smartly dressed youngsters in a fascinating setting having a mounted fox and birds. circa 1925. 

Above: Another great vintage find. You can even read some of the paper which reads... "Funny Side, section of the, Post Intelligencer, Seattle Aug 29. 1909." 

Above: "A Tulsa Business Block" 1923 Postcard.

Above: "A Tulsa Business Block" 1923 Postcard back.  Apparently it was quite hot! Notice the temperatures recorded with the post date of August 1923. The sender also writes... " I shall answer as soon as it gets a little cooler. Now it is entirely too hot to write letters. Please notify Mamma!" 

Above: A very pretty old, photo postcard, circa 1910. Looks almost like a classical painting!  Bit humorous what it says on the back... "It Looks very pretty around here, but the water is terrible. You can taste the oil it seems to me." 

First National Bank.  Tulsa, Okla.

Above: Main Street Tulsa 1912, Tulsa Indian Trading Company, Hand Colored Postcard. 

Above: Main Street, looking North.  TULSA  Okla.  "Osage Indian Curio Co. No. 16"  "Hand colored". On Back...Postmarked: TULSA MAR 2  11-PM  1913 OKLA.  Addressed to... Mrs John Hill, Robinson Ill.    Correspondence... Hello Hill    Arrived here Friday.  Wanted to call you up to say good by but had so much to do at the last minute.  This is some town, it is all right too.  Saw several of the ladies that I know last night. Am staying at the Tulsa Hotel, address them. 

Above: Back of photo reads... "Miss Ruth Sedgwick recreational director, YWCA Tulsa Aug 5 1922.   From the YWCA website... "Since its founding in 1914, YWCA Tulsa has continually adapted to the challenges of an evolving society and continued to serve the needs of women, their families and the community of Tulsa. In its earliest years, YWCA Tulsa offered inexpensive meals, lodging and occupational training to young women working to better their lives in a vibrant, growing city. In 1921, YWCA Tulsa opened a center in north Tulsa to provide housing, food and job training for young African American women left homeless by the Race Massacre. In the 1930s, we helped hundreds of women and their families survive the ravages of the Great Depression."

Above: Main Street, looking North.  TULSA  Okla. 
There was no date on the back of this card, but we could see what movies were showing at a couple of the movie theaters, so did a little sleuthing to determine the year.  

At the Main Street Theater we could make out Tom Mix starring in "The Last of the Duanes" and across the street at the PALACE Theater was "Sandra" (a now lost, silent movie) starring Barbara La Marr. Both of these films were shown in 1924! 

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Above: Jazz Age kids, with a circa 1930 Pontiac Coupe.

Above: Tulsa's new Telephone Building constructed by Southwestern Bell in 1924 in the Gothic style.  In 1930, four more floors were added in the Zig Zag, Art Deco style.  Though the building has two distinct styes of architecture represented, the designers use of the same colors of brick and stone allow for the marriage of the two styles to work  quite well. 

Above: At one time, Tulsa's airport was the busiest on earth. 1930 Photo, front and back, of a bulletin board in the airport showing world record traffic. 

Above: August 1929, Tulsa, Spartan Aircraft Company magazine advertisement.   

Above: Postcard dated May 1, 1942 From  Pvt. Carl Swanson  class 32-42  Spartan School of Aeronautics  Air Corps Training Detachment.  Tulsa Oklahoma 

Above: Art Deco styled, Ranger Beer, billboard. The Ranger Beer line was brewed by the short lived, Ahrens Brewing Company in Tulsa Oklahoma. The company opened in 1938 and closed in 1940.  Notice (in typical Tulsa fashion) the "Jesus Saves, Repent" written towards the bottom left of the billboard.

Above: Tulsa's Union Bus Terminal, designed by Leon Senter (The architect of Tulsa's Will Rogers High School) built in 1935, demolished 1987. 319 S. Cincinnati Avenue.

Above: Ritz Theater, Original Stage Band, Tulsa.  The 1,600-seat heater opened in 1926 and closed in 1960. The theater was designed in the Italian Renaissance style by John Eberson. Pink clouds were projected onto a violet plaster sky by the Ritz Brenograph.   

Above: Vintage photo of young men playing poker. On the back in pencil reads... "Mountain Park Oklahoma, circa 1900 (also has second date of 1907 barely readable at top)  Kiowa County" also "Papa, Uncle Ben, George Cox"

Above: Photo of young man, no date or name.

Above: Photo, written on back... "Before leaving to St. Paul last year" Ardmore Okla. 1931

Above: Photo of a young Oklahoma Cowboy. 

Above: Photo postcard. We can't help but find it a bit humorous and ironic, to see an oil tank, being pulled by a team of horses!