TULSA DECO, & Historic Photos & Ephemera
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Above: Vintage Postcard featuring the Mayo Hotel.  The hotel was the tallest building in Oklahoma when it was built in 1925. 

Above: We were excited to acquire this photo for we have yet to see this image shared anywhere else. However, searching the National Archives we found a video with this exact background made in 1918 for the Ford Motor Company. The video "Will Rogers Says" shows Will Rogers doing lasso tricks, along with some humorous quips. You can find the video #2 here... https://catalog.archives.gov/id/91355

Above: Photo of the Birmingham Mansion on Peoria Ave. in Tulsa. Photo taken in 1930

Above & Below: We found a fun, Art Deco, Jello recipe booklet from 1930. We digitally "repaired" and cleaned up the pages to share some of its colorful imagery with you.  Who knows, perhaps one of the fashionable dishes from this booklet could have been served on the lawn of the beautiful mansion in the image above! 

Above: A fun photo with some fun facts! 
This is a rare, early photo of an Ice Cream Cone. 

There are numerous claims as to who first to invented the edible Ice Cream Cone as we would recognize it today. Many converge on it happening during the 1904 Worlds Fair in St Louis Missouri, which ended in December of that year. There was actually a lawsuit, a few weeks after, mentioning an “Ice Cream Cornucopia” sold by a different vendor, being an infringement on the plaintiffs exclusive food and beverage franchise. Regardless it was the invention/appearance at the World’s Fair in 1904 which started the rapid spread of this idea throughout the US, for by the following summer and fall, numerous state and county fairs were granting “Ice Cream Cone” concessions to vendors. In 1924, an amazing 245 million cones were produced. 

On the back of the above image is the name "William Worth Waltermire" Looking online we discovered a William Worth Waltermire that was born March 14, 1893 in Souix City Iowa. Died, Feb. 14, 1959 in Souix City at the age of 65. He would have been about 14 years old in this photo. 

Above: Birds Eye View of Main Street looking North from 4th Street. Tulsa Oklahoma. 

Above:  1920's Tulsa Boxing Program. 

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