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Below are some of the amazing buildings in Tulsa's historic, Downtown Deco District.  

 We have included buildings that are not Art Deco when they are of special architectural or historic interest.

Buildings are listed in accordance to their proximity to (5th & Boston). Closest first, furthest away last.  Be sure to click on the (Learn & See More) tabs to fully enjoy the TOUR! 


  • SE Corner 5th Boston
  • Begun 1929, completed 1930
  • Style: ART DECO
  • Architect: Leon Senter

Fawcett Building

  • 515 S. Boston Ave.
  • 515 S. Boston Ave.
  • 1926
  • Style: ART DECO
  • Architect: Leon Senter
  • Don't Forget to check out this oft-overlooked smaller building, directly South and adjacent to the Philcade. The building was also known as the Stanolind/Amoco building.


  • NE Corner 5th Boston
  • Begun 1927, completed 1928
  • Style: Gothic Revival
  • Architect: Edward Buehler Delk

MORE Incredible buildings coming SOON!