Above:  "Spirit of Tulsa".  Acrylic on canvas by William A. Franklin

We hope you will enjoy browsing this small sampling of our collection of DECOPOLIS Art Deco, Art & Artifacts
Many of the items are on rotating display at our 2 mini-Museum locations!

1920's German, Art Deco, Coromandel Chrome, Pfeilkreuz Junghans, Mantel Clock.

1937 Stromberg-Carlson 225H Radio.


French for "Stencil", Pochoir was a popular, thought time consuming and expensive, form of reproduction during the Jazz Age that was used in high-end magazines, advertisements for luxury items, and as a means for artists like Chagall, Manet and Picasso to more precisely reproduce their art.  Pieces would sometimes require dozens and dozens of trained artists working with more than a hundred individual stencils, and pieces could also be finished with hand painted touches.  The reproductions often took more time and work than the original art piece being copied! 

Art Deco Tins & Product Packaging

Fantastic design on everyday items.  We love how these tins, boxes and product packaging can showcase the basic design elements of the Art Deco style!   Our goal is to eventually have each piece photographed and scanned, then digitally brought back to its original state, measured, etc. then put in a catalog for future generations.  Our reference catalog could even be used to make reproductions for things like movie props!


Though we have a variety of ceramic objects, we especially enjoy our collection of Teapots & Jugs, for we love how artists have expressed such an incredible array of creativity with these objects, sometimes to the point "impracticality" turning them into fun and fantastical works of Art Deco sculpture. 

TULSA Artifacts

Over the years we have been fortunate to purchase, or have donated, numerous Tulsa Art Deco artifacts.  Some pieces are from buildings that are unfortunately no longer with us, or that were removed during remodels.  We also love it when we find old photos and ephemera, from advertisements to booklets, that exhibit the flamboyant and "modern" Art Deco Style and showcase Tulsa's amazing Jazz Age history!