Above: Grand Staircase and Lobby of Radio City Music Hall in NYC. 

1937  Stromberg-Carlson  Co. 225H radio.  We love the Art Deco stripes on the sides, composed of a wood inlaid veneer of Rosewood, Maple, Oak and Walnut. The Art Deco speaker grill, with its fanciful floral elements, is another great feature of this working piece! 5-tube, 3-band (SB, SW, Police) 16"W x 9"H x 8"D. Manufactured in Rochester NY

TADM 2021.36

1938Clinton 615SQ Radio. This is the only known example we can find of this particular radio, and a search has only found 2 references to this radio including 1 in a Clinton Sales Catalog. The catalog, and the other reference, show a 3 knob version. This one has an additional "Tone Control" knob and a small brass plate with the inscription, "San-Ford Royal Deluxe". Often a radio manufacturer would create a slightly modified or custom radio for a retailer or brand so perhaps this is an example of one of those. Regardless, we love the look of this radio with it's striking, multi-toned wood finishes in light pecan, walnut, and dark walnut, and the curved, early streamline elements. 15" W x 11" H  x 8" D. Clinton Mfg.Co.; Chicago, IL

TADM  2021.112

1941Truetone D1124  Gem "Coronets", Tube Radio Bakelite with a custom, swirled, 2-tone green Catalin paint finish. 
Manufactured by Western Auto Supply Co. (Truetone) Kansas City, MO.

Red and gold, Belmont "Enameloid Cloisonette" reflective dial.

TADM 2021.41