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Don't forget, you can discover even more at the DECOPOLIS  Discovitorium on Tulsa's Route 66! 

For a real life adventure, be sure to visit the real life DECOPOLIS Discovitorium on Tulsa's Route 66! Inside you can explore a cave on a volcanic island, Mesmer Island to be precise! that is filled with rocks, fossils, dinosaurs & other science related gifts and toys! Then travel to the storybook land of FableRealm where you can visit the FableRealm Castle Royal Toy Room having classic Childrens Books & Toys, and Disney items!  Be sure to also sneak a peek inside the Wizard of DECOPOLIS's laboratory where you can find a room filled with Star Wars & other Sci-Fi items, and another room filled with Harry Potter and Fantasy books, gifts & toys!  Another place to check out is the Apothecary section filled with steampunk inspired gifts, candles, soaps, Art Deco jewelry, beautiful classic books & more!