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The Gathering Place

Tulsa's Riverfront Park

  • 2650 S John Williams Way E, Tulsa, OK 74114
  • tel:918-779-1000
  • HOURS..... 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tulsa Botanic Garden

  • 3900 Tulsa Botanic Drive, Tulsa, OK 74127
  • tel:(918)-289-0330
  • HOURS..... Tues-Sun. 10am-5pm...Extended hours on Thursdays until 8 p.m. during Daylight Saving Time
  • General admission (13 yrs+) - $8.... Children (3-12 yrs) - $4

Biking---Hiking---& More!

"Turkey Mountain" Tulsa's Urban Wilderness.

  • S Elwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74132
  • tel: +1 918-596-2001 
  • HOURS..... 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. 

A great place for hiking, running and mountain biking! Turkey Mountain, part of Tulsa's River Parks system, is intentionally maintained in a wilderness state to offer a challenging recreational experience. Turkey Mountain’s forest is an example of a cross timber area that represents the transition between the Great Plains and the Ozark Plateau. Native species common to this part of the River Parks system include Post and Blackjack Oak, Hickory, Redbud and many others. The park’s ecosystem also supports a variety of wildlife, with occasional sightings of deer, coyotes and bobcats. The highest point on the mountain rises approximately 300 feet above the nearby river channel.