About Meadow Gold Market Days at DECOPOLIS!

The grand opening of our new DECOPOLIS & TulsaRama locations on Route 66 were a smash hit! One big reason was our neighbors also participating and helping to create a festive Market Days atmosphere! And since things went so well we all thought “Hey! Let’s do this again!”

The Route 66 commission is also working to create a “Shop 66” day for the first Saturday of each month, thus our ...First Saturdays “Meadow Gold Market Days” was born!

We love the wonderful markets you may find in Europe, in which there is a mix of everything from flowers to antiques, fine art to knick knacks and book sellers.  A mix of street vendors and open shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries, puppet shows, theater, artists working on paintings, kids activities and live music. DECOPOLIS wants to create a fun, uplifting, family friendly, event.

DECOPOLIS will promote the event on our social media platforms and pages. And the great thing about Market Days is that our neighbors up and down the Meadow Gold District will be promoting the event as well to help create an even bigger media splash!

Vendor Information

Are we a good match for you? Here is what we are looking for.

1. Would like to have handmade items from local artists and craftsmen but welcome vendors from around the world.
2. Food “ local, farmers market type” and wine vendors (please have relevant city permitting.
3. Antique / knick knack vendors.
4. We love having local author and book vendors!
5. Please no consultant type vendors (Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc.)
6. “Family friendly” items please. We reserve the right to censor items that we feel do not fit the DECOPOLIS & TulsaRama message and brand.  Artists and Vendors: remember we at DECOPOLIS want to send a message that is positive, inclusive, even educational and uplifting!
7.  Activities and performers.  Face painting, live music, magicians, etc.
8.  Vintage automobiles! 

 Please contact us with the information below to see if we can reserve a spot and time for you!


  Set up can begin at 8 and ends at 9:30.   
  Often people arrive to events early and we would like everything to be set up and ready to go for those early birds.

Please do not begin tear down before the event ends, even if it is a slow time, for all it takes is a few people having a negative experience for things to snowball into a bad reputation. This is especially true as we work to build this new event and create positive buzz.

We do not supply tables, chairs, tents etc, or water. We can supply electricity to bands and live music performers.

 Typical spaces are 10' X 8' and 10' x 5' depending on availability. 

Please, once you have set up, park in the lot behind the Pearl District Shops, or at least 2 blocks away on one of the side streets. We want the easiest, most convenient parking left for the customers (Aka, the people we want to stop and buy our stuff!)

To become a Vendor...

E-mail us at,  contactus@DECOPOLIS.net

  • SUBJECT ---  Market Days Vendor 
  • FULL NAME & Phone #
  • NAME OF BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION      (if applicable)
  • DATE      ( of events/events you would like to attend) "We must receive this info at least 2 weeks before event."
  • TYPE       (of vendor set-up with a brief description)  "Type of items you will be selling, vintage automobile for display, food truck, etc."
  • EXAMPLES      (Please either send us a link to... a website,... and or a faacebook page.... or send us photos of the items/artwork/set-up you wish to bring. )

We will endeavor to get back to you within 4 days of receiving your information to let you know if there is a spot for you with us at the Meadow Gold Market Days you have requested.