We are excited to share our newest magical venture! DECOPOLIS Discovitorium and the TulsaRama! on Route 66! 
Tuesday-Sunday. 10-6

Our neighborhood is hopping with fun attractions, shopping and dining! And we are super excited to be right next door to Buck Atom's Cosmic Curios!  

The  TulsaRama! Town Square! 

Inside the TulsaRama you will enter an Art Deco inspired town square.  Inside each little building you will find great selections of Tulsa gifts and souvenirs, most made and designed right here in Tulsa!  We also have a Sweets-n-Treats candy, chocolates & soda counter, and a mini Tulsa Art Deco Museum to explore!

We like to mix lots of smiles into our work! Notice the names on some of the buildings...

"Sitton Indadark Theater" (managed by Wes Tern, concessions run by Candy Zaripov) in which we feature a selection of  Tulsa and Oklahoma western themed products along with fun info about Tulsa and Oklahoma's famous Hollywood connections like Will Rogers and others! 

"Lotabargins Department Store" will feature a wide selection of Tulsa T-shirts, fun socks, trading pins and more!

DECOPOLIS Discovitorium on Route 66!
Where Science & Magic meet Adventure!

Say hello to Mr Dreams, our "Paper Moon" Route 66 photo op!    Our building was built in 1920! and  Route 66 began in the 1920's so we  thought it would be dandy to include some 1920's & 30's themes to our location.  Mr Dreams encourages you to follow your own dreams, wherever they may take you! 

Next up, the DECOPOLIS Discovitorium where you will be able to explore realms where Science and Magic meet, with the Wizard of DECOPOLIS!  

During a time travel experiment aboard the Wizard of DECOPOLIS's ship the DSS Astrigera, an accident pushed the ship far back through space and time.  As the ship tried to drag itself back into the future it pulled an island on the other side of the world along with it, creating the incredible Mesmer Island.   In the future DECOPOLIS the Wizard also created a magical place called FableRealm in which the fairytales and mythical stories of old were brought to life!  

Entering the DECOPOLIS Discovitiorum you will find our Apothecary section, filled with candles, soaps, beautifully bound classic books, and a fun selection of Steampunk inspired gifts!

INext you can visit the FableRealm Castle Royal Toy Room where you will find lots of Disney items and our selection of classic toys and childrens books!

You can also visit a cave on Mesmer Island, inside you will find books on dinosaurs and nature, dinosaur toys, rocks & fossils, science toys and gifts, pirates, tikis and more!   

There is also the Wizard of DECOPOLIS's laboratory!  Inside one room we have a large selection of Harry Potter and Fantasy items, and in another room our Star Wars and Sci-Fi items! 

The DECOPOLIS Discovitorium "Where Science & Magic Meet Adventure!".  

Stay tuned for more info as as we work to bring you more DECOPOLIS Magic on Route 66!  Be sure to also visit our Tulsa Art Deco mini Museum inside the beautiful Philcade building, in Tulsa's Downtown Deco District!