We are excited to share our newest magical venture! DECOPOLIS Curiosities & Wonders on Route 66, and the TulsaRama!

Our new neighborhood is going to be hopping with fun attractions, shopping and dining! And we are super excited to be right next door to Buck Atom's Cosmic Curios!  

The latest addition to the DECOPOLIS family is a shopping destination and attraction called the TulsaRama! which includes a Tulsa Art Deco Museum component! 

Inside the TulsaRama you will enter an Art Deco inspired town square. The fronts of the buildings will feature Art Deco artifacts and museum displays. Inside you will find our great selection of Tulsa gifts and souvenirs, most made and designed right here in Tulsa!

We like to mix lots of smiles into our work! Notice the names on some of the buildings...

"Sitton Indadark Theater" (managed by Wes Tern, concessions run by Candy Zaripov) in which we will feature a selection of  Tulsa and Oklahoma western themed products along with fun info about Tulsa and Oklahoma's famous Hollywood connections like Will Rogers and others!

"Mrs. Pat Chandmend's  Seamstress" Tulsa T-shirts, pillows, patches, hats and more will be found inside! 

"Lotabargins Department Store" will feature a wide selection of Tulsa books and gifts.

"Courteous Courier Air Mail" will have our great selection of Tulsa postcards and prints!

"U.B Rich Tulsa Oil Bank" In front of the bank we will have an area full of informational brochures and maps featuring local attractions and things to see and do in Tulsa! Inside the bank we will showcase some of our finer Tulsa made gifts!

Then in the "Dairy Aire Sweets-n-Treats" we will have old fashioned candies, tea, coffee, chocolates and more! 

DECOPOLIS Curiosities & Wonders on Route 66!

Here is an initial rendering of the exterior concept. We think our giant "paper moon" will be a hit with those looking for a photo-op!   And our goal for next year is to have the 5'tall neon star made! 

Inside you will enter the Discovitorium where you will be able to explore realms where Science and Magic meet, with the Wizard of DECOPOLIS!  

During a time travel experiment aboard the Wizard of DECOPOLIS's ship the DSS Astrigera, an accident pushed the ship far back through space and time.  As the ship tried to drag itself back into the future it pulled an island on the other side of the world along with it, creating the incredible Mesmer Island.   In the future DECOPOLIS the Wizard also created a magical place called FableRealm in which the fairytales and mythical stories of old were brought to life!  

Visit a little bit of FableRealm and Mesmer Island inside the new DECOPOLIS!

Inside FableRealm you will find our selection of classic toys and childrens books!

Visit a cave on Mesmer Island, inside you will find books on dinosaurs and nature, dinosaur toys, fossils, science toys and gifts and more.  

We like to say that the Discovitorium is "Where Science & Magic Meet".  We will also have our great selection of Harry Potter and Star Wars books and gifts, along with more rocks and fossils, our great steampunk inspired gifts, and more! 

Stay tuned for more info as as we work to bring you more DECOPOLIS Magic on Route 66!  In the meantime be sure to visit our Flagship location in the Downtown Deco District along with the Tulsa Art Deco Museum inside the Philcade, and our DECOPOLIS Mesmer Island Outpost at the Mother Road market! 

One more thing... this building had 2 more spaces available, one is already taken by a gallery concept by one of our friends that will be called "Oklahoma Skies" which will feature the works of more great Tulsa Artists.  There is one large space left that we would like to see a Restaurant concept go into.  So if you know of anyone looking for a great restaurant spot! 


Stay tuned in here to see how our own DECOPOLIS Imagineers work to create the new DECOPOLIS Discovitorium & DECOPOIS TulsaRama Art Deco Experience!

Above: Looking in from the front door to the back of the TulsaRama.

Above: Looking west inside the Discovitorium. The cave and volcano will be in front of the windows, to the left will be FableRealm Castle and then the Wizard of DECOPOLIS's laboratory.

Looking towards the front of the TulsaRama. The Post Office will be by the door and windows on the left. The Bank will be where the windows are to the right.

Discovitorium looking at where the Wizards Laboratory will be.

TulsaRama, Department Store walls getting started.

Discovitorium, Wizards Laboratory under way.

TulsaRama, Department store under way.

Discovitorium, area towards back where the cave and volcano will be.

TulsaRama, Department store on the right, and beginning of another small store on the left.

Discovitorium, Wizards Laboratory under way on the left, cave on right.

TulsaRama, Department store getting second floor.

Discovitorium, Wizards Laboratory getting sheetrock, Fable Realm Castle area under way to the right.

TulsaRama, Lottabargin's Department Store getting sheetrock and the small store on the left taking shape as well.

Discovitorium, large bookshelves at the entrance for our "Madam Minko's Apothecary" starting to take shape.

TulsaRama, "Sitton Indadark Theater" starting to take shape.

Discovitorium, some of the lighting in on the Wizards Laboratory.

TulsaRama, Dairy Aire Sweets-n-Treats taking shape.

Our "DecoPunk" railing is up on the Wizards Laboratory!  Lower level mudded and taped and ready to be sanded for painting! 

TulsaRama, "U. B. Rich Tulsa Oil Bank" getting started.

Tulsa Oil Bank built and sheetrock up, ready to be mudded and taped.  The exterior niches will be for DECOPOLIS Tulsa Art Deco Museum artifact displays! 

Just got this chandelier which will go inside our Tulsa Oil Bank! Will have to come up with some metallic, silver and gold designs inspired by the chandelier to add to the ceiling!

The Sitton Indadark Theater getting sheetrock.  The large "box" on top will later look like its a different building off in the distance with small windows on it. 

The "Dairy Aire" Candy Counter coming along nicely! 

The Discovitorium area beginning to come together.  Love the stained glass, Art Nouvea doors on Madam Minko's "Fortunes & Apothecary"  (this is actually a storage closet for us) 

The Sitton Indadark Theater on the left,  middle is Daisy Diggs, "Thistle Dew Flower Shop"

Wizard of DECOPOLIS's laboratory area.

Closeup of the Thistle Dew Flower Shop showing the brickwork which was made by drawing up the bricks, then taping the lines with thin electrical tape, then stuccoing over everyting, then pulling off the tape leaving dimensional bricks! 

 Large bookshelves coming together in the entrance area.  This will be our DECOPOLIS Apothecary which will feature candles, colognes and perfumes, beard oil, hand sanitizer etc. along with our beautiful classic books and higher end gifts.