UGears Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock
UGears Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock

UGears Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock

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The Clockwork Universe theory favored by 17th-century Deists held that the Earth and the heavens, and all their motions, were like a giant clock, with God as the Clockmaker. Newton's three laws of motion and the principle of universal gravitation were thought to be sufficient to explain phenomena of any kind, using mechanical conceptions. At UGears we love mechanical conceptions! And so, with a nod to Isaac Newton, we present the Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock, a fascinating combination of the imaginative celestial observatory and functional table clock!

The standout feature of this functional and beautiful wooden model table clock is the rotating tourbillon that sits on top. In wrist and pocket watches a tourbillon mechanism helps increase accuracy by counteracting the effects of gravity when the watch is stationary. By seating the escape and balance wheel within a rotating cage, slight errors in timekeeping introduced by the force of gravity are averaged out. In table clocks and wall-mounted clocks, a tourbillon often serves a more decorative purpose.

Model size: 12 x 7.1 x 6.5 in
Package size:  14.9 x 6.7 x 1.8 in
Number of parts: 338
Level: Hard 
Assembly Time: 15 hours
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 2.71 lbs