Harry Potter Owl - Peter Rudnev, Designer Wallet

Harry Potter Owl - Peter Rudnev, Designer Wallet

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These wallets are made of high-quality leather, each meticulously hand painted, by one of Tulsa’s newest artists, Peter Rudnev who recently moved to Tulsa all the way from St Petersburg Russia!  


From Peters website…

As a child, I watched my father make leather goods. This skill was taught by his father, my beloved grandfather, and that was taught by his father. Long ago, our family owned 2 shoe factories and this was our family business. But during the communist revolution all this property was taken away by the state.

My family sewed shoes. and it was always amazing to watch a piece of unremarkable leather turn into an elegant boot or shoe. I didn’t adopt my father’s ability to sew shoes, I became an artist, but I always remained interested in this material, and creating leather accessories became one of my hobbies. I noticed that unlike women’s accessories, there are so few menswear brands that show personality and style. These are important because they allow us to express ourselves and show our uniqueness. Out of this was birthed the line of fine, hand-painted leather goods.