Handbook of Gemstones - PGI

Handbook of Gemstones - PGI

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Learn all there is to know about exquisite and precious gemstones of the world.

Gemstones features over 800 incredible images and richly detailed descriptions. Included are more than 130 varieties of cut and uncut stones, organic gemstones, and precious metal. This fact-packed volume holds information on everything from gemstone shapes and their composition to where they occur and how they are fashioned.

With this absolute gem from the DK Handbooks series, you will gain comprehensive insight into the identifying characteristics of different gemstones, their colours, cuts, and hardness levels. Covering radiant gemstones like amber, rubellite, and emeralds, Gemstones is led by careful research, high-quality visuals, and easy-to-understand text.

This indispensable guide is the perfect companion for gemstone lovers and a comprehensive guide for collectors.