Tulsa Oil Capital of the World
Tulsa Oil Capital of the World

Tulsa Oil Capital of the World

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In 1905, a gusher of "black gold" sprang up southwest of Tulsa, two years before Oklahoma became a state. The site, known as Glenn Pool, became the first major oil field in Oklahoma, with reserves so huge that it could produce millions of barrels of crude. As word of the boom spread, a rush of laborers, lease buyers, oilmen, promoters, producers, and speculators flooded into the area with dreams of striking it rich. Oil fields adjacent to Glenn Pool developed, and Tulsa, which grew to be Oklahoma's second largest city, became the hub of the oil industry.

Tulsa: Oil Capital of the World tells the story of one Oklahoma town's rise to fame and fortune and its emergence as an international leader in business and politics.


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