How It All Began "Character Creation"


William The Artist with his models for characters, Petey Purrsalot and Daisy Diggs. 


Walt Disney once said "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it all started with a mouse." 

Here at DECOPOLIS we have started our own sweet and wholesome comic strip characters, have chosen to place them in our fair city, and during a time of some of its greatest myths and legends,  Jazz Age Tulsa. 

   William A. Franklin, the creator of DECOPOLIS & the DECOPOLIS Tulsa Art Deco Museum, is also the artist and creator of "The TulsaRama Gang". Here you can see how he has used some of his own pets as models for the main characters. 

Below is Flower, (named after the Skunk in Disneys "Bambi" because of her coloring) whose "stage name" in our series is Patty Paws. 

 This is William's very first concept sketch of what will become Patty Paws. Though cute, William thought he would like his characters to be more like little people, outfits and all, that interact in the world much like we do. 

 And here we have the first drawings of our Patty Paws! 

Another of our main characters is Petey Purrsalot.  He is modeled after William's, part Siamese cat named Velcro.  

 The very first sketch for what would become the character Petey Purrsalot. While William was sitting in his, and Velcro's, favorite chair, he thought that he would do a quick sketch of Velcro to begin creating a character. As you may notice in the drawing, the first idea was for a character called "Streamline the Feline" who would have been a superhero type character.  This idea was dropped and Velcro then became the model for Petey Purrsalot.  

 And here we have the first concept sketches for Petey! 

 William's dachshund Pebbles is the model for our character Daisy Diggs! 


 Here are the initial "The TulsaRama Gang" Characters as they were created in 2017, including Derby Dash (Daisy Diggs crush) and Flapper & Dapper the scissortail flycatchers!

  You will notice that for all of the characters, the first and last names begin with the same letter, and also "describe" a characteristic of the animal or the character. Patty Paws, Petey Purrsalot, Daisy Diggs, Derby Dash, and so on.  The, first letter being the same, is a common convention from Mickey & Minnie Mouse to Wonder Woman & Peter Parker.  This allows the names to be more easily remembered! 

  Though it makes creating a character name all the more tricky, William also decided to add the "personality characteristic" component to the names in order to add, well, personality. Some recent character additions to "The TulsaRama Gang!" storyline include Wiley Whiskers & Wheezy Whiskers, and some characters in a rival gang, the Mc Greedy Gang, Trashcan O'Turner (a raccoon character) , Sweet Pistol Pearl (a poodle) , and Ma McGreedy (a fat Maine Coon cat!). 


And here they are today with a couple of their new friends, Wiley Whiskers and Wheezy Whiskers, our little orphaned street rats.