In 1929, oilmen J.M. Gillette and H. C. Tyrell planned to build a 13-story building at 432 S. Boulder Avenue, but affected by Great Depression, they built only three floors. In 1931, they sold the building to the Knights of Pythias, who renamed it the Pythian Building.

The building is in the style of zigag Art Deco, designed by Edward Sanders. The façade is divided by vertical piers and are decorated with diamond patterns (zig-zags), with blue terra cotta accents, themes found throughout the building. The mezzanine provides a wonderful view of the ornamentation on the interior walls and ceiling.

The floor of the magnificent lobby repeats the zigzag pattern of the exterior, richly decorated with colorful tile, mosaic floors and etched-glass light fixtures. The design includes Italian, Spanish and American Indian motifs.