Tulsa's Cathedral District

The largest of the downtown Tulsa districts, and also the only downtown district in which Route 66 passes, The Cathedral district was officially launched on September 20th 2017. The area gets it's name from housing 6 historic churches

Many community leaders gathered with hopes to change the perception of the Southern section of downtown Tulsa, once dubbed the worst "parking crater" in America.

Multiple wide-open parking lots sprinkled around the many churches, schools and small businesses. The new Cathedral District organization gathered to find ways to utilize what many considered to be the districts weakness and turn them into strengths. The parking lots could be utilized for event and Church parking and new businesses would be encouraged to move into the district as it becomes refurbished and re-branded.

 You may have noticed in the past few years there has been a renewed interest in revitalizing downtown and unlocking it's true potential and the rise of the 


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