the Mayo Hotel

When it opened in 1925, the Mayo Hotel was the tallest building in Oklahoma. The Mayo Brothers hired architect George Winkler to design a 19-story building in the Sullivanesque, Chicago School style. The exterior boasted a base of two-story Doric columns fronting a façade of elegant terra cotta and brick. It was built as a replica of New York’s Plaza Hotel.

Notable guests included John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, Babe Ruth, Mae West and Charlie Chaplin.

Tulsa socialite Trula Austin was a resident of the Mayo for nearly 25 years. She was the owner of a local flower shop. She hosted notable Christmas parties every year. Wearing her signature red dress and feathered hat, she was known as the Mayo Socialite.

War and recession took its toll on the Mayo, and Tulsa faced economic hardship. The doors of the Mayo soon closed.

A failed restoration attempt in the early 80’s left the hotel abandoned. For over 30 years the hotel sat empty, slowly falling into ruin. Many feared the once magnificent building would be permanently lost to the wrecking ball. Then in late 2009 after a $40 million dollar historic renovation by local investors, The Mayo Hotel re-opened its doors. Steeped in historic detail and modern luxury, the property now offers 102 guest rooms, 76 private residences and some of the most fabulous event spaces in Tulsa for hosting weddings, social events, parties, conventions and business meetings. The hotel’s restaurant was named Trula, an homage to one of the hotel’s most notable guests.

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