Route 66 Meadow Gold Sign

There was once a time when route 66 shone so brightly at night from all the neon signs that one wonders if a neon trail could be seen from space.

Yes the Neon lights were synonymous with route 66. If you were a business owner on the historic State Highway, you wouldn't want to be left out of the tradition of the celebrated tradition.

The Beatrice Foods Company was no different. in the 1940s they erected the largest neon sign in Tulsa at the time, boasting two impressive 30-by-30 faces, it stood perched at 11th and Lewis to promote their dairy products. 

But times changed and as the Beatrice Foods Company suffered financial decline, the sign ceased to shine in the 1990s. and by the early 2000's a car dealership bought the building under which the sign stood and planned to demolish the sign.

Preservationist intervened and paid to have the sign dismantled and given to the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture. Then a special pavilion was erected, complete with commemorative plaques, just a mile down the road at 11th and Quaker, still prominently on Route 66! The sign was restored and can be seen to this day shining brightly in all it'a neon glory!