Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa

Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa is ranked in the top 5 Oktoberfests by USA Today and  will be celebrating it's 41st year  starting Thursday October 17th and running until October 20th. The celebration is modeled after Oktoberfest Munich in Bavaria and brings an authentic cultural mix of German arts and crafts, music, food and drink at the New River West Festival Park! 

There will be a free shuttle service that will operate from several Tulsa locations including theBlue Dome District, with pickup & drop off at 3rd and Elgin, DoubleTree by Hilton Downtown Tulsa Hotel, 2nd and Main near the Hyatt Regency Downtown, Holiday Inn City Center at 7th and Boulder, Trade Winds Central Inn, in the Southern Hills area at 44th and Harvard, 79th and Lewis in the Walmart parking lot behind Crown Plaza Southern Hills, Oklahoma State University – North Campus at North Greenwood Ave and East John Hope Franklin Blvd.

Authentic German food and Beer is a big draw but just as enticing is the wide array of musical guests. Some flown in from Germany. Here are a few such performers.



German Rockstars with  blend of polka, rock, pop and folk sound. Their latest album "Hallo Alle Mann"  was a chart topper!

Alex Meixner

Alex has been featured in commercials and Hollowood films and is known for the hyper kinetic energy at his shows


Straight from Jersey, Bavarski is a mixture of Jazz, drums, Opera and polka to form a unique sound you won't want to miss!

Das Ist Lustig

Das Ist Lustig means "That's Fun." and they play a variety of music including but not limited to Traditional songs from Germany,  Austria, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, American folk and variety music.  They even invite the crowd to join in from time to time!

Chardon Polka Band


The Chardon Polka Band hails from Ohio but they perform nationwide. They are famous for performing traditional polka as well as their polka inspired twists on current pop music!

The Walburg Boys


The Walburg Boys are a staple from the Walburg German Restaurant & Biergarten located in Walburg, Texas. They travel the US and Europe performing authentic Texan/Bavarian music.

The Polkanauts

"Metal by birth, Polka by choice!" The Poklanauts have been playing for over a decade playing heightened versions of traditional Polka music in North America, Europe & the UK


These are just a few of the talented acts that will be playing at the festival. But the music isn't all! There are multiple ceremonies and games that take place each day throughout the festival as well as a multitude of games to German games to spectate and each night will be topped off with a fabulous firework show!

for more information be sure to visit the website here!


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