Famous Tulsa Marathons

If you've been in Tulsa long enough, you're eventually bound to find yourself coming up on a blocked off street where runners of all ages, shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own reasons for participating in these runs, from fitness, to family tradition. People come from all over the world to participate in our marathons. Here are a couple of Tulsa's marathons and the history and meaning behind them!

 Williams Route 66 Marathon

Relatively new to the scene and only running since 2006, the Williams Rute 66 marathon is organised by volunteers with proceeds that go towards the Tulsa Area United Way.

And don't let he age of the marathon fool you, as it is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing marathons in the country and the only real qualification for this run is that you be 16 years of age or older.

26.2 miles of the Route 66 Marathon takes you across some of the most scenic and historically important views Tulsa has to offer. This year the marathon taks place on November 24th! Be sure to visit the bombsite here for more information and registration!



Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run
For over 40 years the Tulsa Run has continued to make Tulsa history. The first run in 1978 barely had 1,000 runners and today there are over 150,000 of them thumping down the Tulsa streets.
They have different runs to accomodate every type of runner from a 15k to a 2k. Everyone is encouraged to partake in this growing Tulsa tradition!
This year the Tulsa Run takes place Sat October 26, 2019!
Visit the site here to find out more information and register!