Mary Beth Babcock

If you're a Tulsa entrepreneur then you've probably heard of, and been inspired by, Mary Beth Babcock. And for those of you who are not familiar with her, Mary Beth Babcock is a major force behind Tulsa's current cultural and Route 66 tourism renaissance. 

Babcock has an undying love for local artists, downtown Tulsa and route 66.

Graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in retail merchandising, she  gained experience as the assistant manager of inventory control in Eskimo Joe’s print shop. After this she expanded her horizons with a brief stint in Dallas before returning to continue her Tulsa entrepreneurial efforts.

In 2006 she opened a local shop she dubbed "Dwelling Spaces", working with others and investing her own time and money into local businesses, She has talked the talk and walked the walk on helping to make Tulsa a fun and unique place. She ran and operated Dwelling spaces for nearly a decade, before selling it and moving on to the next big venture.

In 2018 Mary Beth brought her special brand of energy and magic to Route 66, where she opened Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios. Built around the fantasy of a cosmic space cowboy, the gift shop helps promote Tulsa, the Mother Road and local artists and business. 

And in 2019 her Space Cowboy idea became reality with an actual 20-foot Buck Atom statue!  Buck joins a long line of quirky, fun, "Muffler Men" statues that dot roadside America.  Mary Beth's Buck Atom stands tall, adding a new legacy to Tulsa's famed Route 66!

 These days you can often find her at Buck Atom's so just head on down route 66 and look for the space cowboy peeking above the rooftops.